Coronavirus how to properly clean the interior of his car

Coronavirus how to properly clean the interior of his car

To help prevent COVID-19 from surviving inside your car, here are some cleaning tips that can make your life hard. With the coronavirus crisis currently hitting the planet, it is important to follow the advice given to us by authorities and experts. This includes recommendations and specific instructions on how to disinfect our immediate environment, […]

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Porsche Description History

Porsche is a German sports car manufacturer. The company was founded in 1931 by Ferdinand Porsche, then taken over by his son Ferry Porsche. Ferdinand Porsche was the engineer who created the first Volkswagen. The manufacturer’s main factories, located in Leipzig and Zuffenhausen, Germany, had more than 17,000 employees in 20122. Porsche is the most […]

V12 engine

V12 engine History

We denote V12 an internal combustion engine having 12 cylinders arranged in V . Depending on the opening angle, the V is more or less pronounced. History In the navy The very first V12 engine was developed in 1904 by engineer M Dörwald, of German origin, who lived in England. Its primary use was the […]