Ferrari F12berlinetta Design

Ferrari F12berlinetta Design

The Ferrari F12berlinetta or F12 is a sports car of great tourism produced by the Italian manufacturer Ferrari . It was unveiled to the public on February 29, 2012 .

It replaces the Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano (or Ferrari 599 GTO ) marketed in 2006 , and is registered and succeeds, more generally, the traditional line of GT Ferrari 2-seater equipped with a V12 in the front.

In 2017 , the F12berlinetta is replaced by the Ferrari 812 Superfast

The first pictures of the replacement of the Fiorano are unveiled on February 29, 2012 . It is presented at the 82 th International Exhibition of Auto and Accessories Geneva March 6 of that year. While the trade press thought it was going to endorse the name of F620 GT or F620, the “Cavallino” has named its new car F12berlinetta, model of the most powerful road ever proposed by the firm of Maranello.

We find in the drawing of the car features of contemporary models of Ferrari (California, 458, FF).

Many aesthetic choices have been dictated by aerodynamic constraints . This one was very worked, in order to obtain a Cx of 0,29. Compared to its predecessor , the vertical load increases by 76% (126 kg at 200 km / h) with a lower Cx. The main source of improvement comes to the drawing of the bonnet which, for the first time on a car [ref. necessary] , is used as a deporting generator by deflecting the airflow from the hood to the sidewalls. In addition, the air deflectors for cooling the brakes are controlled and open only when the situation requires, this to promote aerodynamics.

In 2014, designer Flavio Manzoni , senior vice president of design at Ferrari , received the Compasso d’Oro Award , a prestigious international recognition in the world of design, for the combination of technology and design of the F12berlinetta.

Engine and performance
The F12berlinetta benefits from several technological innovations derived from the experience acquired in F1 in order to be at the level of its competitors, V12 coupes such as the Lamborghini Aventador 1 , 2 .

The 65 ° V12 placed in the front center position, derived from the one that fitted the Ferrari Enzo and Ferrari FXX , sees its engine capacity increased to 6,262 cm3 and delivers 735 hp + 6 hp grappled at high speed thanks to a kind of air feeding. the engine (118 hp / liter) at 8,250 rpm but has 80% of this value from 2,500 rpm. The volumetric ratio reaches a very high value of 13.5: 1 for an atmospheric petrol engine. The car is equipped with a robotized manual type F1 with a double clutch .

According to the manufacturer, the maximum speed obtained is 340 km / h, the 0 to 100 km / h is given for 3.1 seconds and the 0 to 200 km / h for 8.5 seconds.

Roominess and comfort
The red zone of the central rev counter starts at 8,250 rpm. The limiter is set at 8,800 revolutions. The speedometer, to the right, displays 360 km / h maximum speed. On the steering wheel, the ” manettino ” on the right is used to adjust the degree of intervention of the driving aids and to delete or activate the sport function. The sport function is the normal setting on Ferrari. The start button is placed on the steering wheel on the left.

The interior uses plentifully fine leather, and the level of finish of the F12berlinetta, part of the realization of which uses artisanal techniques, is up from the previous model.

Chassis and handling
The new chassis is entirely made of aluminum and benefits from the “Space Frame” technique, which allows different assembly methods to be combined and allows a considerable weight gain. 12 different alloys are used. Torsional rigidity has been increased by 20% over the 599 GTB, while the weight has been reduced by 70 kg to reach a weight / power ratio never reached before for a 2.06 kg / horsepower road Ferrari .

The traction control system, called F1-Trac and derived from the F1, is a kind of super traction control to control the arrival of power by optimizing traction acceleration.

The F12 features the new electronically controlled suspension system, called SCM-E – ” Sospensione a Controllo Magnetoreologico Evoluzione “, controlled suspension according to a magnetic logic.


The first deliveries started in January 2013.

Limited series
F12 Tour de France 64
This Ferrari pays tribute to the Ferrari 250 GTO and the Tour De France automobile. It was unveiled at a big gathering of sports cars in Belgium. This unique copy designed by Taylor Made is a tribute to the 250 GTO Francorchamps team engaged in 1964, she had also won that year … The engine does not change: it has an atmospheric V12 of 740 horsepower and 6.3 L displacement. The price of the modification cost 130 000 €, to add 273 000 € base of the vehicle. There is more than 400 000 € this “one-off”.


The F12tdf is a presented variant unveiled in October 2015, so called in tribute to the Ferrari 250 GT, which has repeatedly won the Tour de France automobile in the 1950s 4 . This is a limited edition produced in 799 copies .

It has a V12 of 780 hp allowing it to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 2.9 s and reach a top speed of 340 km / h .

Special Projects
Made in 2 copies, one in red and the other in gray, belonging to the same person, these F12 are ablation of their roof and gain in power. They keep the 6.3L but add a KERS to get closer to the power of a LaFerrari. Yes, they are hybrids! For this special order, the wealthy customer would have disbursed $ 4.2 million per unit.

Ferrari SP America
The Ferrari SP America is a unique car based on the Ferrari F12berlinetta and produced in 2014. The 2-seater coupe takes its V12 6.2 liters of 740 hp and is inspired by the Ferrari 250 GTO 5 with its three air intakes on the hood engine, the design of its doors and rear wings very curved.

SP America was commissioned by a wealthy American entrepreneur, Danny Wegmans, president of Wegmans.

F60 America
The Ferrari F60 America was designed based on F12, but with a reworked design. It celebrates 60 years of marketing Ferrari in the USA. This Ferrari was produced in 10 copies. Only the best customers of the Brand Prancing Horse (USA) have had the chance to afford it.

Ferrari F12berlinetta SG50 Edition
The Ferrari F12berlinetta SG50 Edition is a unique car designed to celebrate 50 years of independence of Singapore 6 . It is presented on August 9 , 2015 by the official importer of Ferrari on the island.

The F12berlinetta SG50 is upholstered in a “Rosso Singapore” shade and a double red and white stripe (Bianco Italia) from the hood to the trunk symbolizing the Singapore 7 colors . She receives a plaque with the words ” Singapore 50th anniversary Edition 1/1 ” on the doorsills and the steering wheel, as well as “lion heads” embroidered on the headrests.

The Ferrari F12berlinetta SG50 Edition is powered by the 6.2-liter naturally aspirated V12 of the F12berlinetta, developing 740 hp.

Ferrari SP275 RW Competizione
The Ferrari SP275 RW Competizione is a unique piece based on the limited edition Ferrari F12tdf and is inspired by the 275 GTB / C of 1964. It is presented at the “Ferrari Finali Mondiali” Daytona ( USA ) in November 2016.

The SP275 RW Competizione is powered by the 6- liter V12 780 hp 8 (at 8,500 rpm ) and 705 Nm of torque (at 6,750 rpm ), coupled to a double-clutch gearbox with 7 reports.

The letters RW refer to its owner Rick Workman, a doctor in Florida , who owns the ” Special Projects ” Ferrari P540 Superfast Aperta and Ferrari F60 America 9 .

Ferrari SP3JC
The Ferrari SP3JC is, originally, a unique model of roadster (without roof) based on the Ferrari F12tdf 10 which takes again its chassis and its engine V12 placed in the front. The exterior decoration of the SP3JC comes from the passion of its owner for Pop Art with its colors blue (Azzuro Met), yellow (Giallo Modena) and white (Bianco Italia). It is presented in November 2018. A second SP3JC, this time with a matte dark gray and brilliant red, was ordered by the same owner, John Collins, and delivered in January 2019 11 .

The letters JC refer to its owner John Collins, owner of the sales company Ferrari Talacrest collection in the United Kingdom.