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Game of Thrones also known by the French as the novels of which it is adapted, Game of Thrones ( A Song of Ice and Fire ) is atelevision series American medieval fantasy 1 created byDavid BenioffandDB Weiss, broadcast from the April 17 , 2011on HBO . It is the adaptation of the series of novels written by George RR Martin since 1996 , saga known for its realism and its many inspirations drawn from events, places and real historical characters, such as the war of the Two Roses , Hadrian’s Wall , Henri Tudor , etc. 2 .

The history of the series, located on the fictional continents of Westeros and Essos at the end of a summer of about ten years, intertwines several intrigues. The first plot follows the story of members of several noble families, in a civil war to conquer the Iron Throne of the Kingdom of the Seven Crowns . The second plot covers the story of Jon Snow and the growing future threat of approaching winter, mythical and legendary creatures from the North Wall of Westeros . The third tells the story of Daenerys Targaryen south of Essos, the last representative in exile of the fallen dynasty to take back the Iron Throne. Through these “morally ambiguous” characters, the series explores topics related to political power, social hierarchy, religion, civil war, sexuality and violence in general.

Game of Thrones has earned a fan base internationally exceptionally large and active 3 . The series has been widely acclaimed by critics, although some have expressed reservations about the sheer volume of violence and sex in the story 4 , 5 . She has received numerous awards, including a Hugo Award for Best Drama and a Peabody Award , as well as ten Primetime Emmy Award nominations – three for Best Drama Series in the first three seasons – two Golden nominations globes. In a major UK- based cast , American actor Peter Dinklage won the Emmy Award as well as the Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor for his rendition of Tyrion Lannister . English actor Kit Harington won the Young Hollywood Awards for Best Actor for his performance of Jon Snow . English actress Emilia Clarke won the Gracie Allen Awards for best actress in a drama series for her portrayal of Daenerys Targaryen . In 2013, the Writers Guild of Americait is named 40 th of the 101 best-written series in the history of television 6 . Game of Thrones is to this day, one of the most downloaded TV series illegally in the world 7 . In 2015, the series enters the record books as the most broadcast series in the world, with 173 countries 8 . It is also one of the most expensive series in history, the budget for season 6 is $ 100 million, or 10 million per episode

On the Westeros mainland , King Robert Baratheon has ruled the Kingdom of the Seven Crowns for more than seventeen years, following his rebellion against “mad king” Aerys II Targaryen . Jon Arryn , husband of Lady Catelyn Stark’s sister, Lady Arryn, his guide and senior advisor, has just died, and the king then leaves for the north of the kingdom to ask his old friend Eddard “Ned” Stark to replace their late mentor at the post of King’s Hand. Ned, Lord Nester of the North from Winterfell and Stark House, is unwilling to leave his land. But he reluctantly agrees to leave for the capital Port-Réal with his two daughters, Sansa and Arya . Just before leaving for the south, Bran , one of Eddard’s young sons, is pushed from one of Winterfell’s towers after witnessing the incestuous bond between Queen Cersei Baratheon and her twin brother, Jaime Lannister. . Their brother, Tyrion Lannister , nicknamed “the gnome”, is then charged with the crime by Lady Catelyn Stark .

North West of Westeros, Ned Stark’s young bastard, Jon Snow , is preparing to join the famous Night Watch . For more than 8000 years, this brotherhood has been protecting and defending the Westeros kingdom from what lives on the other side of the Wall , a gigantic building made of ice, stone and magic, forming the northern border between the icy lands of north and the Seven Crowns. If the Sauvageons are in fact not the real direct threat, the return of a race of ancient mythical and legendary creatures called the White Walkers is much more disturbing.

On the continent of Essos , south-east beyond the Strait, the “legitimate” heir in exile of the Seven Crowns, Viserys Targaryen , is preparing to reconquer the kingdom. Ready for anything, he marries his younger sister, Princess Daenerys Targaryen , to Khal Drogo , warlord of the Dothrakis, to gain the support of the powerful horde of nomadic horsemen he leads. But the whimsical Viserys will inherit the fate of his parents, leaving Daenerys the plan to regain his place on the Iron Throne, helped by his three dragons.