Infiniti G Coupe

Infiniti G Coupe Range & Prices

The G coupés were launched in 2002, only a few months after the G35 sedan . Like this one, the cut versions are clones of Nissan in this case Skyline Coupé . In 2007, a second generation appeared and is called G37, not G35, because its engine develops 3.7L cubic capacity. This one arrived in Europe at the end of 2008.

G35: First generation (2002-2007

Shorter than ten centimeters, less than 8 cm but wider than 7 cm, the coupe version of the G can still carry four passengers.

It takes again the engines essences of the saloon:

G35: V6 3.5 L 280 hp. (2003-2007).
G35: V6 3.5 L 298 hp (2005-2007).
They are available in six-speed manual or five-speed automatic in two or four-wheel drive.

G37: Second generation (2007-2014)
Launched soon after the new G35 / 37 sedan, the second generation of the coupe is called directly G37 and thus benefits from the most powerful engine of the sedan. It is marketed at the end of 2008 in Europe.

The G37 Coupé has two engines, one for the North American market, and one for Europe:

G37: V6 3.7 L 320 hp. (Europe).
G37: V6 3.7 L 330 hp. (North America).
It exists in six-speed gearbox or auto with seven gears.

Range & Prices (2009)
In France, the G37 coupe exists with three finishes:

G37 GT.
G37 S.

V6 3.7 L 320 hp:
G37: € 43,600.
G37 Auto: € 45,700.
G37 GT: € 45,200.
G37 GT Auto: € 47,300.
G37 S: € 47,700.
G37 S Auto: € 49,800.
In the United States, the G37 coupe is available in three versions:

G37 Journey.
G37 Sport.

V6 3.7 L 330 hp:
G37 Auto: $ 35,900.
G37x AWD Auto: $ 38,700.
G37 Journey Auto: $ 36,650.
G37 Sport: $ 37,000.