Jaguar Racing History

Jaguar Racing History

Jaguar Racing is a former stable British of Formula 1 started in World Championship 2000 to 2004 . This team was founded on the basis of the former Stewart Grand Prix team . In five seasons and 85 Grands Prix, Jaguar Racing has scored a total of 49 points, won two podiums (with two 3 e seats to Eddie Irvine in Monaco in 2001 and Monza in 2002) and took the lead of a race twice. The best ranking Jaguar Racing is a 7 th place in the constructors’ championship in 2002, 2003 and 2004.

The team has been participating since 2016 in the 2016-2017 FIA Formula E Championship with Mitch Evans and Adam Carroll .

The Formula 1 debut in 2000

n 2000, the sporting strategy of Ford is set up: Ford in rally , Aston Martin in the 24 hours of Le Mans for 2001 or 2002, and Jaguar in Formula 1. After becoming more and more involved in the stable Stewart Grand Prix (takeover of Cosworth , design of the magnesium transmission), Ford bought the entire Stewart team for $ 160 million in September 1999 and renamed the team that becomes Jaguar Racing (sports brand of the group) for the 2000 season 1 .

Paul Stewart (team manager), Gary Anderson (technical director) and Neil Ressler (Cosworth CEO) remain at the helm and Rubens Barrichello left for Ferrari where he exchanged his seat with vice-world champion Eddie Irvine , Johnny Herbert , who signed the only victory of Stewart Grand Prix, was renewed at the wheel of the second car 2 , 1 . The cars leave their white livery for green British Racing Green. The payroll has also increased considerably as the team has 275 employees. The R1 single-seater is powered by a compact, 72 ° C Cosworth CR2, weighing less than 100 kg and with a very low center of gravity. The magnesium gearbox tested the previous season is renewed (6-speed longitudinal) 3 .

At the end of 1999 during tests on the circuit of Jerez Irvine tests the Stewart SF-3 and considers it in certain fields like better than the Ferrari 4 . Paul Stewart declares in mid-January that the team is aiming for the podium in the Manufacturers’ standings since 2000 and, on January 21st, Johnny Herbert achieves the fastest time during a practice session on the Barcelona circuit as well as during the last pre-season practice session at Jerez 5 , 6 , 7 .

This enthusiasm lasts only during the offseason because at the Australian Grand Prix , despite the seventh place on the grid of Irvine both cars give up quickly, Herbert who experienced technical problems during the weekend giving up the second round due to clutch problems 8 , 9 .

In April Paul Stewart, who has colon cancer, leaves his post and is replaced by Neil Ressler from May 10 , 11 . Irvine scored Jaguar’s first points at the Monaco Grand Prix finishing fourth in 12th . In Austria Irvine, ill, is replaced at short notice by Luciano Burti 13 . At the last Malaysian Grand Prix of the season , he added a point 14 . The team ranks ninth with four points away from third place under early season

A transition season in 2001

2001 is announced as a year of transition, Jaguar to start on a new foundation. The staff is increased to 335 people, the CR3 engine is a simple evolution of the engine last season (97 kg and no engine break in 2000) and Michelin becomes the tire supplier 16 . As against the gearbox Achilles heel of the car is thoroughly revised 17 .

The R2 is entrusted to Irvine and Luciano Burti who replaced Herbert and Tomas Scheckter , son of Jody Scheckter world champion in 1979 , is appointed test driver 18 , 19 . Bobby Rahal , a former Cart driver (24 wins, including 500 Indianapolis , three league titles) who set up his own racing team in 1992, leads Team 20 . Gary Anderson is replaced by Steve Nichols (formerly McLaren , Ferrari , Sauber , Jordan), assisted by John Russel, who contributed to the design of R1 21 .

In Australia Irvine qualifies in twelfth position and Burti is penultimate on the starting grid. In the race, the Brazilian took the ascendancy over his teammate, finishing eighth, while the Irish finished eleventh 22 . After the San Marino Grand Prix , Burti, whose performance in the race is better than that of his teammate (tenth in Malaysia , abandoned on engine break in Brazil and eleventh in Imola) is not part of the plans of the team for the 2002 season and will be replaced by Pedro de la Rosa . The Brazilian then leaves the team for Prost Grand Prix where he replaces Gastón Mazzacane, sacked for lack of performance, from the Spanish Grand Prix 23 , 24 .

Between the Spanish Grand Prix and the Grand Austrian Price Rahal dismisses Tomas Scheckter after the latter was arrested by the British police when he approached a prostitute 25 . In Monaco Eddie Irvine scored first points finishing third thanks to the problems at the start of David Coulthard and the retirements of Juan Pablo Montoya , Mika Hakkinen and Ralf Schumacher 26 .

During the weekend of the Canadian Grand Prix , Jaguar announced it hired Adrian Newey , technical director of McLaren for next season 27 . While Ron Dennis went to court to keep his engineer, the record is set amicably a few days later for McLaren retains Newey 28 . During this Grand Prix de la Rosa marks his first points of the season by finishing the race at sixth place 29 .

In late August, Rahal was sacked and Niki Lauda , who is from the beginning of 2001 the President of Premier Automotive Group, Ford’s subsidiary that manages Aston Martin , Jaguar and Cosworth , replaces 30 . In Monza , Jaguar scores two points by finishing the race in fifth place 31 and at the next Grand Prix in Indianapolis , Irvine finishes at the same place 32 .

With 18 outs and 9 points scored, Jaguar takes the 8 th place in the constructors’ championship.

A stabilization objective in 2002

In 2002 , Lauda’s goal is simply to stabilize a team that fails to realize the hopes placed in it. Irvine is renewed, as de la Rosa, at the wheel of the new R3 which is totally missed and suffers from a lack of rigidity which makes it inconduisible as well as a problem of aerodynamics especially on the front 33 , 34 . Steve Nichols was sacked and replaced as technical director by Gunther Steiner, an engineer from rally 35 , 36 . Ford’s losses, nearly $ 5 billion, in the last quarter of 2001 leave some doubt about the future of the team to the point that leaders must declare that Jaguar will continue its involvement in Formula 37 .

In Australia Eddie Irvine avoids the pileup of the first lap and finishes the race in fourth place 38 . From the British Grand Prix the R3 benefits from aerodynamic improvements that improve its performance slightly 39 . At Spa Irvine qualifies in eighth place and finishes the sixth 40 race . In the following Grand Prix in Monza , the Northern Irish driver qualified his car in fifth position and finished the race on the podium thanks to the abandonment of Ralf Schumacher and accident Montoya 41 .

Jaguar registered 8 points in the championship, leading the team to a new restructuring Lauda and Steiner and 35 employees were laid

Season 2003

In 2003 , Richard Parry-Jones, vice president of Ford Appoints David Pitchforth as technical director 43 . Mark Webber and Antônio Pizzonia , who have not yet proved anything in Formula 1, are the new drivers of the R4 44 , 45 . This recruitment of inexperienced pilots by a team of financial strength of Ford tends to demonstrate that leaders doubt their ability to succeed in Grand Prix. Also in February 2003 Jaguar Racing signs the agreement on the reduction of private trials that gives the signatories of this agreement ( Renault F1 Team , Jordan Grand Prix , Toyota F1 Team andScuderia Minardi ) two hours of free practice plus every Friday of Grand Prix 46 .

Mark Webber demonstrates that the Jaguar R4 is able to play the festive troubles in qualifying after its third qualifying place in Brazil ; during the race, in the rain, he loses control of his car while he is ninth 47 . At Barcelona Webber scored the first points of the season by finishing seventh race 48 . At the Austrian Grand Prix , Webber advantage of the 17 th position on the starting grid, dates back to the 7 th place and mark two new points 49 . The majority of points scored is from Webber (17 points), Justin Wilson, who replaced Pizzonia for the last five races, scoring 1 point

Last season in 2004 and bought by Red Bull Racing

In 2004 , David Pitchford becomes General Manager and is assisted by Ian Pocock. The R5, powered by a Cosworth CR6, is entrusted to Webber and Christian Klien , newly promoted in Formula 1. The R5 is a minimal evolution of its predecessor, the team’s strength has been slightly reduced and there is has no pilot-tester. After a constructors’ championship finished again in seventh place, with 10 points (7 for Webber and 3 for Klien), Jaguar Racing leaves the Formula 1.

On November 15, 2004, Red Bull bought the team for $ 100 million and in 2005 , under the name Red Bull Racing .

Back to competition in 2016 in Formula E
On 15 December 2015 , Jaguar announced its participation in Formula E Championship FIA 2016-2017 51 .

The team presents its Jaguar I-Type 1 on September 8, 2016 and confirms Mitch Evans and Adam Carroll as drivers. Ho-Pin Tung is named reserve pilot 52 . In the first race in Hong Kong , Carroll finished twelfth while Evans left.

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