Porsche 911 992 2019

Porsche 911 992 2019

The 911 (992), or 911 type 992, is the eighth generation of Porsche 911 since 1963. It is a prestige sports car developed by the German car manufacturer Porsche, presented in November 2018, and marketed in 2019. It replaces the 911 Type 991 released in 2011.

The exterior design of the Type 992 is close to that of the previous generation, including round optics and marked wings1. However, it is distinguished by many elements, such as the front baffle reminiscent of the first 911, wider wheel arches or flush door handles. The rims measure 20 inches at the front and 21 inches at the back1.

It finds a unique light strip that connect the taillights as the generations of type 993 of 1994, this time equipped with LEDs. The rear bumper is completely new, and has a dual exhaust on the Carrera S and 4S, between which is positioned the license plate.

Inside, the dashboard consists of an analog center rev counter surrounded by two digital displays on each side, and the dashboard receives a 10.9-inch touch screen for infotainment and entertainment. navigation. The air conditioning controls are positioned on the center console, which has fewer buttons than before, and the gear lever associated with the ZF box is much smaller.

Technical characteristics
911 is based on the MMB platform (Modularer Mittelmotor Baukasten) which it shares with the 718 Cayman and 718 Boxster4.

The Carrera and Carrera 4S can be equipped with optional four-wheel steering, active roll control and carbon-ceramic brakes.

It is the first 911 to abandon the rear position of the engine (behind the rear axle) to switch to the rear center5. The engine is paired with a new ZF automatic dual-clutch gearbox with 8 gears that replaces the old 7-speed PDK6, and a 6-speed manual gearbox will be available in the course of 2019. The optional Sport Chrono Package allows to gain 0.2 seconds on the 0 to 100 km / h exercise.

The most powerful versions should be equipped with plug-in gasoline / electric powertrains7. It is also the first 911 series to offer an e-hybrid motorization to its catalog.

The Type 992 inaugurates the “Wet mode” device which, thanks to sensors placed in the wheel wells, measures the amount of water on the road and makes it possible to adapt the dynamic parameters of the car (torque distribution, parameterization of ESC, aerodynamic support).

The 911 is equipped as standard with a warning system and brake assist coupled with a camera that detects moving objects and can trigger emergency braking if there is a risk of collision. It can be optionally equipped with Night Vision Assist, adaptive cruise control or LED matrix headlights.

The 8th generation of Porsche 911 is presented on November 28, 2018 at the Los Angeles Auto Show1. Only the Carrera S and Carrera 4S versions are unveiled on this occasion, the cabriolet, Targa, Turbo or RS versions will be unveiled later. Type 992 tariffs are € 8,000 on average compared to Type 991

On January 9, 2019, Porsche unveils the first official images of the 911 convertible version before its public exhibition in March at the Geneva International Auto Show in 20193. The convertible receives a supple soft top with a glass rear window. The opening of the roof takes 12 seconds while traveling up to 50 km / h.