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The tribute of Hamilton and Vettel to Fernando Alonso in his farewell

The Formula 1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix was won by Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes), but the race was by Fernando Alonso (McLaren). In his last grand prix, the Asturian driver finished eleventh out of the points. And Hamilton, with five crowns, and Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari), the champion of last year and who finished second on Sunday at the Yas Marina circuit, they have dedicated a very special tribute to him: both riders have waited for him to escort him on his last lap in F1.

They have been placed on the flanks of McLaren-Renault de Alonso to travel a few meters at his side as a sign of respect for the Spaniard and his career in Formula 1 and have made several donuts with him on the home straight.

Alonso thanked them both as soon as they got off their car and also before the television cameras, in front of which they had recognized that it had been a privilege to have run with them. In his opinion, Hamilton and Vettel have had “a detail of great champions”

It has been a privilege, thanks to Formula 1, I will always be an amateur of this show, “said the two-time world champion (2005 and 2006).” It’s a true legend, “said Hamilton on his teammate. in the year 2007 in the British team.

It has been nice, a detail that I thank you, especially because I did not know, I was still in the corners when suddenly I realized that they were one on the left and one on the right; and it is something beautiful, a detail of great champions, “said the pilot, who retires with 37 years, and with 32 victories in Formula 1, the 32 that Spain has throughout its history.

Asked when he is going to allow himself to get excited, he said: “Hopefully tomorrow.” “Today I wanted to enjoy every minute, but it was the most active day I remember in my life, I have not had a free minute, I have not been able to speak for a moment on the phone”, he added. “Every time I sit down to talk on the phone, another new person knocks on the door again, I told the team that I wanted to be alone in the car going around for an hour and a half,” he added.

Tomorrow [for this Monday] I also have an event that tested the Nascar in Bahrain, so I hope on Tuesday and digest everything, “said the Spaniard, who climbed 97 times to the podium, and signed 22 poles and 23 fastest laps in F1, and who has appreciated the warm tribute that gave him on Saturday, at the Yas Marina circuit, responsible for the queen category, in which he competed for 17 seasons.

I think it’s part of the merit of the new way of understanding Liberty’s F1, that of giving prominence to the drivers, “he said.” I’m very grateful for that and a little flushed of everything that has happened over the weekend and of the sweetheart received. To the public I can only say that thank you very much, with all my heart “, concluded Alonso.